Monday, May 14, 2012

Famous Jewelry - The Historic Beau Sancy Diamond

There are millions and millions of gemstones in the world and very few become famous for one reason or another. Some become famous for their size, some for their history and others because of who owned the particular stone.  Some stones become famous for all three reasons. The Beau Sancy Diamond is one of those stones.

The month of May marks a historic time in the gemstone world. Going up for auction at Sotheby's is a 400-year-old diamond that is estimated to be worth between $2 million and $4 million. This stone is known as the "Beau Sancy" and it is one of the world's oldest known diamonds to date. It weighs in at an amazing 34.98 carats. This gorgeous stone is described as being cut into a perfect, colorless, double rose cut, pear-shaped diamond.

The Beau Sancy is believed to have been originally cut from a gem mine in the Indian city of Golconda. It has famous roots as well as it once belonged to France's Qyeen Marie de Medic, who wore it atop her crown at coronation, as well as the royal families of England, the Netherlands and currently it is in Prussia, owned by the Prince of Prussia, where it has been for generations. This stone has never been owned by anyone outside of royal blood.

The diamond is traveling the world in preparation for its auction. If you are interested in bidding on the Beau Sancy, it will go up for auction in Geneva on May 14th, 2012. With a few extra dollars you can own a piece of amazing history in the form of this famous royal diamond.

by Kaye Lefier, Contributing Editor at, online store specializing in wooden jewelry boxes and leather jewelry cases. Kaye is an avid Jewelry Collector and writes about Jewelry and Jewelry Trends.

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