Saturday, May 5, 2012

Musical Jewelry Boxes to Make Mom Smile

When it comes to Mother's Day or Mom's Birthday, you want her to feel loved with the special gift that you select for her. We have a wonderful treat for you today that you may not even realize that we carry. It is a small musical jewelry box known as a trinket box that is fashioned in a manner similar to a Faberge Egg.

If you are not familiar with the Faberge Egg, it has a long history. The first Faberge egg, the Hen Egg, was created for Easter 1885 as a present from Czar Alexander III to his wife Maria. He had them custom made until the Russian Revolution when the Communists seized Faberge's business. The Czar and his family fled to Switzerland, and the eggs were scattered or claimed by the Bolsheviks. In total, fifty Faberge eggs were made but only 42 known eggs survived to the present day.

Our beautiful Trinket Boxes are decorated in the same fashion with gorgeous hand set Austrian crystals, hand enameled details and 24kt gold accents. Inside, these amazing boxes are lined in velvet to protect the finest jewelry. Included is a ring roll for presentation purposes should one want to use this as a ring holder to display a magnificent piece. Each musical egg has a beautiful song that plays when the lid is lifted.

Chasing Treasure has many of these gorgeous egg musical jewelry boxes to choose from so selecting the right one for your mom is going to be easy.  Many people collect these lovely pieces and house them in lighted cabinets where the lights bounce off the clear crystals and make for a sparkling display.

However your gift recipient chooses to use your musical egg trinket box it will be welcomed as a memorable and thoughtful gift and treasured for a lifetime.

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