Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Luxury Safe - Keeping Jewelry Safe at Home

Fine jewelry is not simply a fashion item, it is often very valuable, and like anything of value, you have to make sure that it is stored safely. Tucking away your jewelry in a drawer or in a simple jewelry box may be sufficient for small and inexpensive collections, but for extremely valuable jewelry collections you need to take stronger measures.

You can always opt to store valuable items in a bank's safety deposit vault but a more convenient option is to get a jewelry safe and keep your valuables at home. Chasing Treasure offers a compact luxury jewelry safe especially for people who want to keep valuables at home.

The compact luxury jewelry safe is ideal for small jewelry collections, or as a backup safe. It can fit into tight spaces or cabinets, and can be used in master bedrooms, vacation homes, yachts or guest rooms.

With its pearl white exterior finish and handcrafted walnut interior trays and lined compartments, this home jewelry safe is chic, compact and provides the storage versatility of a convenient jewelry box.  There are five walnut wood drawers with compartments and a luxury lining. The trays are removable, making it easier to arrange and rearrange jewelry or search for particular items. The drawers have different partition arrangements. One drawer is divided into four equal squares, another has five compartments across the width that would be perfect for bracelets and necklaces stored flat. The bottom drawer is undivided.

The safe has an impressive array of security features including a 1/2" steel pry-resistant recessed door and a 1/4" continuously welded body. In addition it has one inch chrome plated bolt-work and a UL listed high security digital lock. The lock and re-locker are protected by hard-plate and the bolt-work is protected against a side attack. It also features a spring loaded re-locking device and a solid steel dead bar prevents door removal. The heavy steel hinges round out the security features of this compact home jewelry safe.

The small unit offers commercial quality burglary protection while keeping your jewelry organized and accessible. It combines the safety of a bank deposit vault with the convenience and beauty of traditional jewelry boxes that you keep at home.  On top of this, it is elegantly designed and will fit in with the decor of your home, office or any other location where you choose to install it.

If you have jewelry or other items that are valuable enough to require the protection of a safe, then this compact home jewelry safe could be just what you are looking for. The list price for this safe is $3,500 but it is possible to buy it online for $3,000 which is a considerable savings. Weighted against the value of the jewelry that it protects and the peace of mind that proper security will bring you, investing in a luxury home safe like this one makes a lot of sense.

by Linea Riffel, Contributing Editor for ChasingTreasure.com, online retailer of jewelry boxes for women, watch cases for men, and music jewelry boxes for girls. Linnea is a wardrobe consultant and writes about fashion trends and gift ideas.

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