Saturday, October 31, 2015

Moving? Keep Your Jewelry Safe

Moving is a fact of life and when you have a large collection of jewelry, it can be extremely stressful. After you have all of your jewelry organized in your jewelry boxes from Chasing Treasure, it can be challenging to pack it up and move it. Here are some tricks for moving large collections without having troubles with tangles, breaks, and loss.

What Not to Do

If you love your jewelry collection as much as we love our collections of jewelry boxes, we understand your frustration with moving it. Instead of wrapped jewelry in rolls, plastic wrap, or plastic bags, there are several other ideas that work. You also cannot simply pack your jewelry in our armoire or boxes, because the truck ride will disrupt the pieces inside of them. Those large collections of jewelry need to be packed with care and this could take time. (But, it is worth every second).

What to Buy

The best tools for packing jewelry include small jewelry boxes and organizers.

How to Pack Necklaces and Bracelets

The most frustrating part of moving is packing and unpacking necklaces and bracelets so they do not tangle. Plastic straws are the best way to keep them from tangling. Pull one necklace or bracelet through one straw, then wrap it with a paper towel. Tie off the ends of the paper towels with yarn or string to the necklaces do not slide out. Obviously, this only works for small chains, but these are the ones that are the most frustrating to untangle.

Bracelets and necklaces that cannot be stored in straws need to be put in small jewelry boxes or other small pouches that you have around the house. Cuffs and other items that can easily be scratched can also be wrapped in paper towels and put in paper bags or plastic bags. Then they can be put in cosmetic pouches or other padded pieces.

How to Pack Earrings

Earrings can also be challenging to move. Smaller earrings can be put in bead organizers, the small acrylic boxes with individual compartments. These will keep them from getting mixed up and shaken up during the actual move. Larger earrings can be put in compartmentalized boxes with bigger holes. More valuable earrings should be packed individually, but everyday pieces could be placed with a few sets to conserve space. To keep the boxes from bouncing around in the moving truck, you can pack them with blankets or soft items of clothes, like sweatshirts.

Take Your Best Pieces with You

Your best pieces should be placed in small travel jewelry cases. These should not be packed in a truck, but should travel with you in your car.

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