Monday, October 19, 2015

Where to Store Your Championship Rings

With the baseball playoffs in full swing, it’s time to discuss how to properly store and care for championship rings. Whether you won your championship rings in high school, college, club teams, or in a professional league or you simply like to buy them as a collectible, it is important to keep those rings clean and protected.

Pick a Case with Plenty of Ring Space

Our men’s valet boxes will keep your ring collection free of dust and protected from scratches. Many of these boxes have special places for timepieces and others have spaces for other pieces of jewelry. The watch spaces are not appropriate spots for rings; so unless you have a collection of watches and rings, your money would be better spent on a traditional valet. Our Locking Wooden Jewelry Box with Valet Tray is a perfect choice for storage due to the number of ring rolls in the removable tray. Our Locking Wooden Jewelry Box 3 Level also has several ring rolls, too.

Store the Rings More than You Wear Them

Once you have the perfect storage system for your rings, it is vital to take great care of them. Most collectors and champions do not wear their rings on a daily basis. They are cumbersome on fingers, which means they are frequently bumped into tables, desks, and other heavy objects. Since most of the rings are made of 14K gold, they are easy to dent because that type of gold is quite soft. Championship rings are like class rings, the more they are worn, the more the engraved details wear down.

Clean Them Safely

When you need to clean a championship ring, it is is best to use steam cleaning. Buffers, polishers, and ultrasonic cleaners will destroy these rings over time. Buffers will actually remove a tiny layer of gold and so will polishers. Ultrasonic cleaners will remove the dark antique finish that many rings have to show off details below the engraved surface. Steam cleaning will remove grease and sticky substances like hair products from the ring without damaging it. The diamonds and other gems set in the ring will sparkle after a good steam cleaning. If the ring does need scratches buffed out of it, this should only be done softly and by-hand with a professional jeweler with experience.

Find a Jeweler Who Knows Rings

If you do decide to collect rings, or if you just have one, it is a good idea to find a jeweler that you can trust with your prized possessions. Some rings come with warranties, so it is a good idea to keep track of any paperwork that might come with your jewelry. If you need to take any medications, your body chemistry could react to the metals, which could alter the way the metal looks. A pharmacist, physician, or jeweler could inform you of the medicines that can do this. It is also important to do your hair and makeup before you put your special rings on your fingers, because the products and chemicals could harm the pieces, too.

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