Thursday, August 18, 2011

What To Do When You Outgrow Your Jewelry Box

Is that small jewelry box on your dresser top starting to overflow?  If you are faced with the problem of storing your jewelry in safe, uncluttered and eye-pleasing ways, then you will be happy to know that there are plenty of options for handling the overflow.  This article will give you some practical suggestions on what to do.

A simple solution is to purchase an additional dresser top jewelry box or jewelry storage case.  And while you are getting another box or case you can take the opportunity to specialize your storage. For example, you can move all of your silver jewelry into storage boxes with treated anti-tarnish linings. This will not only solve your overflow problem but will improve the protection to your valuable silver jewelry.

Another way to gain more space for your jewelry is to organize all your earrings in jewelry cases designed specifically for earrings. Most earring cases will hold 24-48 pairs of earrings, but you can also buy more if your earring collection is large. You can even purchase different colored cases and color co-ordinate the earrings to help you remember which case to grab when you need a particular pair. Better yet, you can get clear topped earring cases which will give you "grab and go" organization.

Where to put your necklaces can also seem like a challenge, but once again, there are some easy solutions to the problem.  You can purchase a metal art wall-hanging in a tree or vine design and drape your necklaces over them to create a nice display and to make it easy to find your favorite.

If it is quantity that is causing the overflow, you can upgrade to a larger jewelry box and hand down or donate the smaller jewelry box. If you are upgrading to something larger, then one of the best options is a floor standing armoire.

Unlike a jewelry box or case which sits on your dresser top, the jewelry armoire is a free standing piece of furniture. Armoires usually have drawers with special dividers designed to hold earrings and other jewelry, ring trays and hooks to hold necklaces and bracelets.  If you purchase a large enough armoire, there will even be room for scarves and lingerie.

If your jewelry collection is getting unwieldy then it is probably time for you to remove items that you rarely wear and store them in attractive jewelry storage cases. You can keep these cases in drawers and closets. If you do this then your jewelry will be organized and easy to find when you are ready for it.

Another way to get your jewelry overflow off your dresser top is to move the excess jewelry to a hanging jewelry organizer. These organizers are usually stored in a closet next to your clothes.

If some of your jewelry is particularly valuable and rarely worn, then you can move these items into a luxury locking jewelry box with a slim design that can be slipped into a safe.  Your every day jewelry, on the other hand, can be put in attractive jewelry dishes next to your bed or vanity.

Finally, you can also solve your storage problems by going through your collection and removing unwanted or broken pieces. You can hand down costume jewelry to children in your family who are starting their own collection, or you can give away family pieces that you don't wear. These will be sentimental gifts treasured by the other members of your family. If some of your excess jewelry is gold, then take advantage of the all-time high gold prices by selling broken chains, unworn items or mismatched earrings. You can then use this money to purchase the kind of jewelry that you want to wear often.

These are just some of the ways in which you can handle the challenge of storing more jewelry.

by Karen Mollison. Karen is the Editor of, where you can buy high quality jewelry boxes, jewelry cases and jewelry armoires.

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