Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cleaning Beaded Watch Bands, Bracelets and Necklaces

Beads have been used to make goods for hundreds of years and today they are still a very popular jewelry option. When you purchase beaded necklaces, bracelets and watches that have beaded watch bands, it is extremely important that you properly clean them so that you don't damage the luster and brilliance of your beads as well as loosen or break the strands of wire or thread that the beads were strugn on.

Beaded jewelry should never be submerged in water or cleaning solutions so if you accidentally get them wet you will want to dry them off with a soft cotton towel as soon as possible. If the inside of your watch mechanism and face get wet, you can try taking apart your watch and letting it air dry or submerge it in a bowl of uncooked rice.

When it comes to cleaning the strands of beads you will want to buff them clean with a clean, dry, soft cotton cloth. If there is dirt and debris between the beads you can purchase a jeweler's cleaning brush or use a clean women's eyelash brush that can be purchased at your local store. You will want to gently use the brush to loosen up the debris and dirt and then polish with your clean soft cloth.

If your beads are becoming loose from the string or filament that they are strung on, take them to a professional so they can restring them as soon as possible so that your gorgeous piece of jewelry doesn't break and get lost.  Make sure to use a lovely silk or soft pouch when storing it in your jewelry box. If it should break, the pouch will capture your beads.

Enjoying a beautifully handmade piece of jewelry created from beads is a great way to show your personality and express your style.

Caring for them will make sure they last for years.

by Jasmine Yesak, Contributing Editor at, online retailer of quality jewelry boxes, jewelry organizers and watch boxes. Jasmine is a Jewelry Enthusiast and Organization Consultant, she writes about Jewelry Care and Jewelry Storage Tips.

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