Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Learning About Moldavite Gemstones

I have a unique gemstone to tell you about today. Moldavite is a very old glass like substance that was found in the 1700's in Czechoslovakia. It is usually found in a beautiful olive green color but it has been seen in muted yellows and browns. You can find this stone in some jewelry pieces although it is only found in one place in the world, so it is a rare item.

It is thought that Moldavite was formed from a meteorite that fused and melted into glass like particles as it entered our atmosphere and scattered across the ground. There are those that believe it has extraterrestrial properties and powerful energies. There is even reference to this stone in the Bible as the Holy Grail is said to be carved from and emerald that fell from the sky. It is believed now, that the emerald in question is actually Moldavite.

Moldavite is a unique glass that is much different from any others that have been formed by volcanic ash or by sand, which are traditional ways glass like gemstones are formed. Because this stone is so different and rare, you must care for it's delicate nature.

The Moldavite is usually seen in gold or sterling settings in lovely pendants, earrings, bracelets or pins and it is important that you clean it after wearing, due to it's unique nature. Never use harsh chenicals on this rare stone. You only want to use a soft cloth that is dampened with water. You also need to store it in a soft pouch in a jewelry box and protect it from other stones or jewelry pieces that could scratch the stone.

This is a very unique and rare item and if you have a jewelry piece made from it, you are in the minority. Take care of this gorgeous item and you will be able to pass it down to your future generations.

by Jasmine Yesak, Contributing Editor at, online retailer of quality jewelry boxes, jewelry organizers and watch boxes. Jasmine is a Jewelry Enthusiast and Organization Consultant, she writes about Jewelry Care and Jewelry Storage Tips.

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