Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Body Jewelry

The world of jewelry is larger than many people realize. It is no longer relegated to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. With the popularity of body piercings, jewelry and adornment has been taken to more levels than ever before. Fortunately, the jewelry boxes at ChasingTreasure.com are designed to meet the needs of every jewelry owner.

Nontraditional Piercings

So many men and women have piercings in non-traditional places on their bodies. From belly buttons, noses, and cartilage piercings, body jewelry has become a popular industry for younger men and women. In previous decades, many people do not get their bodies pierced because the piercings were not acceptable to wear in the workplace. But now, with people working from home and online, it does not matter what they look like anymore.

Just like men and women need jewelry boxes for fine jewelry, they also need jewelry boxes for their body jewelry. Fortunately, the Chasing Treasure jewelry box collection can meet the needs of every jewelry owner. Our earring and tie tack boxes are perfect for anyone who needs storage for belly button rings and other alternative body jewelry. Cartilage earring are relatively the same as regular earrings.

Large Ear Cuffs

There are other new types of jewelry that will also fit nicely inside of many of the Chasing Treasure jewelry boxes. Ear cuffs have been appearing on runway models and celebrities. These are not the small cuffs that look like small hoop earrings, but cuffs that covers most of the outer ear and often clips to the earlobe, too. These are large pieces that would not fit in a small earring box, but would need space that a bracelet would occupy. Some women will hang their earring cuffs from necklace hooks.

Hand Jewelry for Fingers and Wrists

With the recent release of the Great Gatsby movie, women have been buying vintage jewelry and new jewelry with the vintage Roaring 20’s feel. The hand jewelry that Daisy Buchanan wears is another alternative style of jewelry that does needs a spacious spot in a jewelry box. Hand jewelry is a ring and bracelet connected by a decorative chain. It is important that the pieces are placed somewhere that will keep the chain from tangling. Jewelry armoires are good choices because the fact that they often have separate drawers for large and unusually shaped pieces.

Body Jewelry for Legs, Arms, and Heads

Alternative body jewelry can also be pieces that are made for legs and arms. Body jewelry can also be styled to be worn as a headband, too. There are some companies that handcraft leg chains and arm chains from broken pieces of vintage jewelry. Some headbands are made of jewelry pieces instead of fabric. Anytime that chains are involved, jewelry should be placed in separate compartments or drawer or hung up in a jewelry armoire.

Let ChasingTreasure.com Help You Decide

If you are unsure about what type of Chasing Treasure jewelry box you need for your alternative jewelry, our expert sales associates can direct you to the perfect box to fit your needs. Send us a message and we will respond quickly.

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