Thursday, August 1, 2013

Choosing the Jewelry Box for You

At Chasing Treasure our jewelry boxes come in a variety of beautiful wood finishes. Whether you choose mahogany, burlwood, teak, or bubinga, you will have a jewelry box that is designed to last and become a family heirloom. When you are ready to choose a fine wooden jewelry box, here is some information about the wood that we use.

Burlwood: Interestingly, burl wood is not a type of tree or special kind of wood, but it is actually a growth that occurs on many types of trees. Burls grow when the tree has had some stress like a injury or a  fungus. The burl looks like bulbous growth protruding from the trunk or roots of the tree. Artisans love to make furniture and sculptures out of burls because the wood is so much different than anything that can be found on a typical tree trunk. Our burlwood jewelry boxes will have unique swirls and patterns that make them look different than other wooden jewelry boxes.

Bubinga: This evergreen tree is found in Africa. The tree grows to a height between 40 and 50 feet and the trunk usually has a diameter between one and two meters. This wood is a luxurious wood used for instruments like guitars and harps. It is also used in the Arts and Crafts style furniture because the grain patterns are unique. Our bubinga jewelry boxes are popular sellers because the wood is durable and attractive.

Mahogany: This wood is a favorite among furniture designers and artisans because of the color that gets richer over time and the fine, straight grain. The mahogany tree is a tropical wood with a wide trunk, so it can be used for larger projects. The wood is also a favorite because it is rot-resistant. The wood is also a favorite for instrument makers because it has a deep resonant sound when compared to other woods. Our classic mahogany jewelry boxes add a richness to any bedroom decor.

Cherry: Cherry is a popular wood because of the soft red color. This wood comes from trees grown in the eastern part of the United States. The hardwood has become a favorite for cabinet makers because of the durability and color. It is also a popular wood for artisans who carve. Like mahogany, cherry has a fine grain with very few imperfections, which makes it a favorite among those who appreciate clean lines.

Maple: Maple trees have long been used for things like wood furniture, baseball bats, and even things like bowling lanes. Maple comes in a variety of different wood grains which is another reason that it is so popular with artisans and craftsmen. Many of our maple jewelry boxes come in those different wood grains, like the birdseye maple or the flame maple. This classic wood is lighter in color than mahogany and cherry.

Teak: This wood is often used in outdoor furniture or in boat building because it is an oily wood that withstands the weather. When it is untreated, the wood will often turn a silvery tone. However, our jewelry boxes have treated teak wood, so the tropical wood will retain its yellowed-brown hue. This wood is a favorite in modern designed homes.

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