Friday, August 9, 2013

Special Items Kept in Jewelry Boxes

If you think that jewelry boxes just hold jewelry, think again. Jewelry boxes and trinket boxes have been favorite places for people to store their precious keepsakes. While jewelry is the main content of most jewelry boxes, people do keep some interesting objects inside of their beautiful boxes from

One of the most common non-jewelry items kept in jewelry boxes are ticket stubs. Special movie tickets or concert tickets often make their way into the depth of jewelry boxes. Because jewelry boxes provide a safe location for ticket stubs, many men and women find that those are the best locations to keep their stubs in like-new condition. Ticket stubs will stay in even nicer condition if they can be stored in protective plastic cases, like the ones that people use to store their baseball cards. Storing them in plastic sleeves can prevent the ink from leeching onto the fabric liners of the jewelry boxes.

Parents also keep two other items in their jewelry boxes. Many parents will keep a lock of their children’s hair in their jewelry boxes. Locks of baby hair used to be commonly kept in cedar chests, but since most families no longer buy cedar chests for precious memories, jewelry boxes end of being the storage spaces for baby memories. Another common item to find a jewelry boxes are baby teeth. Many dentists give children little plastic cases for their baby teeth, so when parents replace the teeth packages with money, they place those plastic cases in their jewelry boxes.

Some people keep extra buttons and threads in their jewelry boxes, too. While these are not special keepsakes, they often end up in jewelry boxes, because they are convenient spots. They often end up in the bottom of boxes, but to keep them organized, jewelry box owners can keep them in little plastic bags to they do not overwhelm the space that should be set aside for jewelry.

Jewelry boxes also end up becoming storage space for other worthy items. Many people have coins from other countries or special money like $2 bills and Kennedy half-dollars. Since these small coin collections may not be big enough for special coin sleeves and binders, they are often kept inside of jewelry boxes. Some people will keep their coins in small jewelry gift boxes so they are contained in one place.

Along with special coins, many people will keep stamps from special letters they received throughout their lives. Sadly, with the advent of the email, texting, and the Facebook, people are receiving fewer letters, so special stamps are not being kept in jewelry boxes anymore.

When you become the proud owner of a special Chasing Treasure jewelry box, armoire, or trinket box, you will be able to put any special and small keepsakes that you want. When you are ready to pass your heirloom quality jewelry box down to the next generation, they will appreciate the special items and jewelry that you kept so many unusual and special things in the keepsake box.

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