Monday, August 12, 2013

Yoga Jewelry

The world of yoga has grown exponentially over the years. Along with the growth of the practice, the industries that support it have also grown right along side it. Clothing manufacturers like Lululemon, Prana, and Lucy have set the standard for yoga clothing and the natural, yet fit look. Women who enjoy the look of natural textiles in comfortable and flexible styles are often seen wearing jewelry that supports the lifestyle, too.

The Art of Adornment

Many women who practice yoga also practice the art of adornment. This means that they often tattoo and pierce their bodies as well as wear a wide variety of jewelry. It is very common to see dedicated yoga practitioners wearing nose rings, earrings, as well as layers of necklaces and bracelets. Colorful beads, beautiful metals, and meaningful crystals are the common types of jewelry.

Jewelry with the OM Symbol

Most women who practice yoga have at least one piece of jewelry with the “OM” symbol on it. Yoga jewelry designers are mindful of creating jewelry with this symbol, since it is so important to the world of yoga. It is common to see the symbol etched into metal or styled on beads. Sometimes the symbols is very small and subtle, just like the presence of om in the world. In other instances, the symbol is quite dominant, boldly stylized onto a necklace.

Mala Beads for Meditation

Another commonly seen piece of jewelry in the world of yoga is the mala beads. These are long sets of beads designed for meditation. A set of mala beads has 108 beads, with a distinctly larger bead so that meditators know when they have reached the end of each meditative journey. Mala beads can be made of any type of bead, but since yoga is a natural practice allowing men and women to connect their mind, body, and soul, it is common to see these made of natural materials. As yogis meditate on a chosen word or phrase, they move their fingers from one bead to the next, so they can easily keep track of the number of times they chant the word. When they get to the last bead, which is larger than the over 107 beads, they stop. Most mala beads have a tassel or some other decoration hanging from the point where the large bead closes the necklace. When yogis are not wearing their mala beads, they usually keep them in a little pouch.

Along with mala beads, many yogis wear layers of bracelets. Some women will wrap their mala beads several times around their wrist and then pair them with several other beaded bracelets. Along with several bracelets, it is not uncommon to see yoginis wearing several earrings, too.

Jewelry Armoires to Prevent Tangling

Because so many yoga practitioners wear long necklaces, dangling earrings, and charm or beaded bracelets, jewelry armoires are recommended for storing their pieces. Regular chest jewelry boxes do not allow their necklaces and beads to hang individually to prevent tangling. At, we have all of the jewelry armoires to meet the needs of yogis as well as everyone else who loves to adorn themselves in beautiful jewelry.

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