Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sleek Safe Deposit Jewelry Case for Your Fine Jewelry

Having beautiful pieces of fine jewelry is such a nice way to treat yourself. The shimmer, sparkle and shine from the gorgeous pieces can really make people sit up and take notice and it can really make a difference in how someone feels about themselves. Do you feel amazing with a beautiful diamond hanging from your neck or some shimmering sapphire earrings dripping off your ears?

The great thing about beautiful jewelry like this is that it is timeless. There is no trend or right or wrong way to wear it. Storing it properly is a critical part of caring for these items. Many people just use the jewelers box it came in to store it in their safe. But we have a fabulous jewelry box that is perfect for your favorite fine jewels.

The Safe Deposit Jewelry Box and Travel Case from Chasing Treasure is a must have box for storing important jewelry properly. It features a slim design with lined jewelry storage sections that slips easily into a safe or safety deposit box. It is even great for traveling as it can slide into a suitcase or carry on easily.

It comes with two multi compartment storage sections. One storage section includes ring rolls and four open compartments and the second storage section with snap closure includes a watch/bracelet holder plus three open compartments. What a great configuration for the finer jewelry you want to protect.

Now when you want to find that special piece you do not have to open several different boxes looking for the right one. A big plus is that it is all housed right in the same jewelry box right in your safe at home or safe deposit box for easy access. Perfect!

This is a wonderful, thoughtful gift idea too. Giving this box with your next fine jewelry present can really make the moment even more special. We invite you to buy one today for your Valentine!

by Gregg Nosaji, Contributing Editor for, online retailer of jewelry boxes, jewelry armoires and jewelry related gifts. Gregg is an event consultant and writes about gift ideas and special occasions.

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