Friday, February 17, 2012

Tall Jewelry Boxes for Women: Best Styles for Necklaces

Jewelry boxes come in several different varieties and styles. However, when it comes to storing necklaces the best jewelry boxes are the tall ones. The reason for this is that you should store jewelry item in the same way you wear them. Necklaces hang around your neck, and they are best stored in a hanging position, which is very easy to do in tall jewelry boxes.

An example of an ideal jewelry box for necklaces is a tall cabinet for women in cherry finish. Measuring 38 3/4 inches high, 12 1/2 inches wide and 17 inches long, it is a piece of furniture that will add to the decor of any bedroom, as well as provide ideal storage for all kinds of jewelry.

This box has six drawers, twenty two double necklace hooks, concealed side closets, and is a perfect choice for someone with a large collection of necklaces.

If you want to get a tall jewelry box in a middle price range, and would like a black finish to match the decor of a bedroom then a good choice is the Black Java Jewelry Armoire.

It features a black java finish, a lift lid with an interior mirror, a top compartment with a central ring roll flanked by six open section. Four open drawers provide space for a wide variety of jewelry items and dual necklace doors open up with hooks for six necklaces on each side. Its cabriolet legs and scalloped front apron give it a French Provincial look.

A completely different look is found in the dresser top rustic antique walnut jewelry armoire. It is crafted in an upright armoire design, perfect for organizing necklaces. The twin necklace closet door fornts feature routed panel detailing and inside you will find three necklace hooks on each door plus twin interior catch panels.

This tall jewelry box armoire also features a lift lid with full interior mirror. The top compartment has centralized ring rolls and four additional open jewelry storage sections. The three drawers are open with no dividers and there is one drop down ring roll drawer for your beautiful rings.

As you can see from the three examples that I have given above, most of the tall jewelry boxes are usually in the armoire style. They provide tangle-free storage space for necklaces as well as space for a variety of other jewelry pieces, including rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants. You can choose a jewelry box with swing out sides or a necklace drop in a dresser top or floor standing design. A dresser top mini armoire or floor standing jewelry box armoire is the best solution to organize a large collection of jewelry, necklaces, and accessories.

If you are interested in a tall jewelry box out of consideration for necklace storage then you should also consider the number of hooks, and look for double hooks in dresser boxes and for double rows of hooks in standing armoires. If you consider the decor of the room where the jewelry box will be placed, and the type of jewelry in the collection you will be able to find the box that is just right for you or your gift recipient.

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