Saturday, February 4, 2012

Men's Pocket Watches Jewelry Trend

Men have been carrying around pocket watches for decades if not hundreds of years as a means to tell time while at home, at play, and of course, at work. This winter we are seeing a resurgence of the men's pocket watch trend in stores and the classic pocket watch is as beautiful as ever.

Today, manufacturers are creating beautiful pieces of art made with brass, gold, stainless steel, sterling silver and from various other metals and materials. Some of these pocket watches can be purchased for a mere $50 and others can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on what materials they are made from. With that said, just about any man can afford to carry around a stylish and functional pocket watch at a comfortable price point.

If you are purchasing a pocket watch for your favorite man it is important to think about his likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests so that you select the right design motif to suit his individual style and needs. You can select plain pocket watches done in a classic masculine design or one that is more elegant that has been engraved or has inlaid gemstones.

If you purchase the pocket watch from a high end jeweler, it is best to get it insured and to acquire a warranty policy on it should it ever become defective or damaged since expensive pocket watches can incur costly repairs in the case of damage.

Caring for your specialty watch should include a lined watch case for storage when it's not in use. A nice valet tray to place your watch on for convenience is a great idea so that it does not get misplaced. Keep it sparkling and lovely with a nice wipe down using a slightly damp cloth followed immediately by a dry cloth. If it is exceptionally dirty, a wipe specified for your metal can help with a more intense cleaning. Take care not to use any treated wipes on the crystal.

Trends come and go, but this trend for men's pocket watches is a beautiful resurgence for a lovely work of art that should be around for decades more.  If you have been lucky enough to inherit a family heirloom pocket watch, now is the time to use it. Enjoy!

by Kaye Lefier, Contributing Editor at, online store specializing in wooden jewelry boxes and leather jewelry cases. Kaye is an avid Jewelry Collector and writes about Jewelry and Jewelry Trends.

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