Sunday, March 25, 2012

Axinite Jewelry Information and Care Tips

Axinite is a rare semi-precious gemstone that is rarely seen out in jewelry stores but if you do come across a piece of Axinite jewelry it is an extremely beautiful gemstone and would make an exceptional addition to your jewelry collection.

Axinite is mined from Brazil, Mexico, France, Sri Lanka, Russia, Tanzania and Pakistan. It comes in on the hardness scale 6.5 to 7 so it does need to be handled with some care. It is best used in necklaces and earrings since those pieces of jewelry don't take a beating like rings and bracelets.

The color play on this gemstone is simply beautiful. You will find it in a light golden brown to reddish brown, similar to a Smokey Quartz but not as intense in color. This gemstone is usually moderately priced but not as expensive as a gem like Tanzanite.

Care & Cleaning Tips:

Just like all semi-precious gemstones, you want to take some care with your Axinite Jewelry. You never want to submerge your jewelry in water or cleaning agents. If it gets dirty and needs a light cleaning you can simply wipe it off with a slightly dampened cotton cloth. If you find that your jewelry piece needs a more heavy duty cleaning then its best to let a professional handle it.

You need to store your jewelry in a nice protective lined jewelry box and don't stack other jewelry items on top if it. Also never store your jewelry in extreme heat, extreme cold or in moisture-rich environments as it can damage the delicate stone.

by Jasmine Yesak, Contributing Editor at, online retailer of quality jewelry boxes, jewelry organizers and watch boxes. Jasmine is a Jewelry Enthusiast and Organization Consultant, she writes about Jewelry Care and Jewelry Storage Tips.

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