Thursday, March 1, 2012

Insignia Jewelry Trends

As we get ready for the changing season, there are changes in jewelry styles too. What is going to be hot when the weather starts to warm up?  We are seeing a trend emerging towards Insignia style jewelry, especially with high school kids, college kids and young adults.

If you are not familiar with what Insignia style jewelry is, it is jewelry with an emblem, initial, crest, fraternal symbol, sorority symbol, military emblems, etc. in top of a stone or encrusted in the metals. This type of jewelry is normally symbolic to the person who is wearing it. These symbols can represent just about anything that the wearer wants it to represent.

You will find Insignia style rings, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, tie pins and watches in the fashion jewelry market or set into gold and other precious and semi-precious metals. This style makes it perfect for guys or gals to wear easily and to dress it up or down. This is a comeback style as it was popular back in the 80's as well as in the 50's and earlier. It can take on a certain preppy look too depending on how you pair it with your clothing.

When wearing Insignia style jewelry it is recommended that you wear only one or two pieces at a time so that you are not over doing it with your fashion accessories statement. For instance, if you are wearing an Insignia style ring and pendant, then keep your bracelets and earrings plain.

Wearing Insignia style jewelry is a great way to let others know you belong to a certain group school or branch of military service. It can also be worn just because it is a great looking pieces of jewelry!  Have fun picking out a few great pieces to wear this season.

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