Friday, March 2, 2012

Keeping Your Amber Jewels Beautiful - Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Amber

If you love gemstone jewelry, I am sure you have heard of Amber and probably have a piece or two of this lovely stone. Amber is one of the first stones to ever be used in jewelry making. It is a light-weight stone that is in a beautiful warm golden shade. It is fossil tree sap and often contains preserved plants and insects, often thousands of years old. With that said, it is also a very delicate stone and can be damaged easily so you need to handle your pieces with care and store them properly when not wearing them.

Here are a few Tips and Tricks to keep your Amber Jewelry looking gorgeous for years.

* Amber is mostly used in necklaces and pendants but is also readily available in earrings, bracelets, rings and pins.

* Amber is typically cut into a cabochon or cut into beads to be used in jewelry making.

* Never wear your jewelry pieces while swimming, showering, bathing or washing your hands as water and bath products can damage them.

* Put your Amber jewelry on after you have finished dressing, putting on your cosmetics and doing your hair as harsh chemicals damage this delicate beautiful stone.

How to Clean: When you need to clean your Amber jewelry pieces wipe them down with a soft, lint-free damp cloth and immediately towel dry. You can polish your Amber stones with a drop of olive oil and a soft, lint-free cloth if they begin to lose their luster. Do not clean this gemstone with an ultra-sonic or steam jewelry cleaning machine or device and never use a commercial jewelry cleaner to clean Amber jewelry.

Storage: Store your Amber jewelry in an appropriate lined jewelry box in a single layer. Never stack items on top of one another or have them touching another piece. Amber is very delicate and needs to be handled with care and stored carefully for years of enjoyment.

by Jasmine Yesak, Contributing Editor at, online retailer of quality jewelry boxes, jewelry organizers and watch boxes. Jasmine is a Jewelry Enthusiast and Organization Consultant, she writes about Jewelry Care and Jewelry Storage Tips.

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