Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Choosing a Jewelry Box? Compare the Different Price Brackets

Are you about to choose a jewelry box for yourself or for a gift? If so, then you can make your choice based on the size and type of the jewelry collection, or on the basis of who your gift is for. For most people, price is also a factor of importance, and in this article we will look at what is available in the different price ranges.

There is a large assortment of jewelry boxes and cases in prices ranging up to $75. In this category you can expect to find travel cases and travel wallets, musical boxes for children, trinket boxes, small to medium sized watch cases and small to medium size jewelry boxes.

In this price range the travel cases are often faux or fine leather, while the dresser top boxes are usually wood. If you shop carefully, you can get a jewelry box for $75 or less with a mahogany finish, multiple pull-out drawers and swing-out necklace compartments for necklaces. Though this is the budget range, many of these boxes are quality made and would make appreciated gifts or prized additions to any bedroom.

In the next two price ranges, from $75 to $150 and $150 up to $250, you'll find medium to large wooden chests and jewelry valets, multiple watch storage boxes, genuine leather travel and train cases, dresser top mini jewelry armoires and select floor armoires.  These two price ranges, from $75 up to $250 have a large variety of styles and here you can expect to find a jewelry box that would be suitable for most gift occasions and for just about any kind of jewelry collection.

For example, a good value in this range is a dark mahogany finished jewelry box with six pull-out drawers and two side compartments for around $190. This kind of dresser-top armoire, standing 13 inches wide and 11 3/4 inches tall is both impressive-looking and versatile, as it can easily hold necklaces, rings, pendants and other jewelry pieces.

When you move up to the $250-$350 price range you will find some truly luxurious jewelry boxes. Handcrafted jewelry boxes, floor standing jewelry armoires, real wood boxes with natural finishes, wall mounted jewelry mirrors and luxury watch boxes can be purchased online for $350 or less.

One of my favorites in this price range is a cherry jewelry armoire with six drawers. Standing 40 inches high it is a beautiful piece of furniture. In addition to the drawers, it has two swing out compartment for necklaces. You can easily find armoires like this for $350 or less.

If you are able to spend more than $350 then you can expect to find luxury jewelry boxes, luxury watch winders, solid wood jewelry chests and armoires and genuine leather jewelry trunks. These are hand-crafted items made from exotic woods and rich leathers.  Many of the boxes in this price range are handcrafted and have taken over 20 days to complete due to the careful attention to detail.

As you can probably see, the price of the boxes depends on the materials that are used and the construction process. That said, budget items that are mass produced can still be of high quality if they are made by trusted brands, though the quality of the hardware and attention to detail will be less than in the higher priced boxes. High quality luxury jewelry boxes are partially or completely handcrafted with luxurious hand applied finishes and solid brass, brass plated or nickel hardware.

So, choose your price range, and then take a look at the wide variety of jewelry boxes that are currently available.

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By Linea Riffel, contributing editor for ChasingTreasure.com, where you can purchase wooden jewelry boxesleather travel cases, and more!

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