Monday, April 16, 2012

Heart of the Ocean Titanic Diamond

There is much conversation about the Titanic lately and about a diamond necklace that is supposed to have really existed. Was the Heart of the Ocean a real diamond or something that was created just for the movies? Well, it could be both.

It has been said that there was a blue diamond pendant on the RMS Titanic. Supposedly a necklace was given to passenger Kate Florence Phillips by her married lover, Samuel Morley. They were on their way to America to make a new life for themselves. Morley perished in the sinking which became the basis for the 1943 film Titanic as well as the 1997 remake too.  Many historians say that the original Hope Diamond is the necklace that is being referred to because of its rock history.

To bring the movie and the all-important Heart of the Ocean diamond to life for the movies, London bases jewelers Asprey & Garrard created the necklace with a blue cubic zirconia set in white gold. The cost of the necklace was approximately $10,000 back in 1997 when it was used in the film. Today, this famous prop is property of Twentieth Century Fox Studios.

However, Asprey & Garrand were also commissioned during the release of the Titanic in 1997 to make a real Heart of the Ocean necklace using the original design. The necklace they came up with was a gorgeous platinum-set, 170 carat heart-shaped Ceylong sapphire surrounded by a row of 65 diamonds, totaling 36 carats. The necklace was valued at $3.5 million at the time. It was sold a a benefit auction for the Diana, Prince of Wales Memorial Fund and Southern California's Aid for AIDS for $2.2 millions, with the condition that Celine Dion would wear it to the 1998 Academy Awards ceremony. She did indeed wear the necklace at the show and sang the film's theme song "My Heart Will Go On." The necklace reportedly belongs to the daughter of an Asprey & Garrard client.

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