Friday, April 20, 2012

Locking Jewelry Armoires: Beautiful and Secure Storage for Your Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry storage one of the most elegant options is to get a jewelry armoire. Armoires are free-standing pieces of furniture, as opposed to dresser-top chests and boxes. They can hold large and varied collections and add to the decor of your room, however up to now it has been hard to find jewelry armoires that allow you to lock them.

Armoires are particularly important if your jewelry collection contains a number of necklaces, because many armoires have compartments with swing-out doors on both sides that allow you to store necklaces in a hanging position.

There are three new floor armoires available at Chasing Treasure that can be locked which adds security to the convenience and elegance normally associated with an armoire.

Let's take a look at these three new floor armoires that lock.

The first model features a hand rubbed cherry finish and a patented design that locks all the drawers. The free standing cabinet design provides storage capacity for jewelry and scarves while the tall sides allow tangle free storage for your favorite necklaces, chains and beads.  The cherry finish and detailed carving of the wood should provide a good addition to the decor of your bedroom. The lock is cleverly hidden inside the necklace cabinet and your various jewelry pieces will be secure in lushly lined compartments. The main lock secures all the eight drawers.

In case you are wondering about the quality of this item, it has solid wood front and sides and it is hand lined. It measures 40 inches high, 13 inches wide and 19 inches deep. It weight 85 pounds and retails at a list price of $550 but is on sale now for less than $400.

The second locking jewelry armoire also has swing-out side doors, a lift-up top section with a full mirror and seven pull out drawers. This armoire has a walnut finish and its lock is located inside the necklace swing door. On this armoire the seven drawers lock securely.

The top and side sections are made of solid wood. The hardware is brushed metal and the drawers have luxurious sueded lining.  It ships fully assembled, with the mirror detached to avoid shipping damage. The dimensions of the armoire are the same as the first model mentioned; 40 inches high, 13 inches wide and 19 inches long.

The last armoire in this new collection is a mahogany beauty. It features seven locking jewelry drawers, a divided top storage section and twin swing out necklace cabinets for all kinds of necklaces. It is fully lined to cushion and protect fine jewelry. The key lock is located inside the necklace cabinet and locks all seven drawers. It has a rich dark mahogany espresso finish which easily blends with traditional and modern decor. This is the perfect furniture solution for storing a large collection of jewelry, necklaces, scarves and accessories. It lists for $600 but you can save over $175 by buying it on sale.

So, the days when you couldn't find a locking armoire are over. One of the three models I have described above should be able to satisfy the needs of any discerning shopper searching for locking jewelry armoires.

by Linea Riffel, Contributing Editor for, online retailer of jewelry boxes for women, watch cases for men, and music jewelry boxes for girls. Linnea is a wardrobe consultant and writes about fashion trends and gift ideas.

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